Raspberry Pi mediacenter (Raspbmc) setup and use ipad or iphone as remote

Raspberry Pi mediacenter (Raspbmc) setup and use ipad or iphone as remote

Okei. It finally arrived.. The long awaited Raspberry Pi mini computer. Element4 surely took their sweet time sending it, but what a little ingenious box, totally worth it!

So here is how you setup your Rapberry Pi with Raspbmc (XBMC) mediacenter and how to use your Ipad/Iphone as your remote.

First, you will need a SD card, 2GB or more (class 6 or faster).

I did this on my mac, and this process is almost the exact same on linux. Windows however, have a ready-made program for you to run.

Find it here: Windows installer (just start software, select sd card and follow instructions).

Installing on Linux or Mac:
– Plugin your sd-card to your computer.
– Make sure your computer can locate it.
– Start Terminal

Download the installer:


cd /tmp
wget http://svn.stmlabs.com/svn/raspbmc/testing/installers/python/install.py
chmod +x install.py


cd /tmp
curl -O http://svn.stmlabs.com/svn/raspbmc/testing/installers/python/install.py
chmod +x install.py

Now run the installer:

sudo python install.py

Notice the SUDO. This will run the installer as root, as it need some extra permissions to be able to write to the SD-card.  you will be asked for your password.

Select your SD-CARD in the list. Take care to be really sure that you select the correct device in the list.

Wait for the installer to do its work. Congrats, your sd card is ready to install the Raspbmc to your Raspberry Pi.

Booting the Raspberry Pi and completing installation

  1. Insert SD card
  2. Connect to TV/screen
  3. Connect the LAN cable (Important, you need internet access to complete the installation).
  4. Insert your micro usb power (at least a 5V / 700mA micro-USB power adapter)

connect your Raspberry to your TV or other screen, plugin you LAN cable.

No need for keyboard, we will do the config the SSH way ;)

You should now see a boot screen, telling you that the Raspbmc is installing (this is automatic, no user input required). Will take about 15-20min to complete.

When it is all done, your Raspbmc window will appear.

Setting up the Raspbmc to accept Ipad as our remote.
– Use Putty or other preffered SSH client (I will be using OSX terminal in the next steps, but commands are the same).

Connecting to Raspberry trough SSH.
– You will need to know the IP of the raspberry (If you have no idea on how to find your raspberry ip, connect a USB keyboard and find network settings/info).
I will assume your ip is : in next steps.

OSX terminal

ssh -l pi

Notice the -l pi => this is telling the terminal to connect using login/username: pi

You will be asked to save the encryption and that it is a trusted connection, select YES.

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

Activate HTTP server:

cd /home/pi/.xbmc/userdata/
nano guisettings.xml

Find: WEBSERVER (a long way down in the config) and change from FALSE to TRUE
– Hit CTRL + O to save
– Hit CTRL + X to quit.

Reboot the Raspberry:

sudo reboot

While you wait for it to reboot, you can fire up your Iphone or Ipad, and visit the App Store and download the free Official XBMC Remote App.

Once installed, your Raspberry should have booted again.
– Fire up the XBMC App on your Iphone/Ipad
– If the raspberry is not in the HOST list, tap ADD HOST and  FIND XBMC, your Raspberry should now appear in the list. Save it and connect.

You should now be able to use your Iphone/Ipad as your remote for your Raspberry Pi mediacenter.

Have Fun!

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